Fellowship of the Outdoors, Inc. is a Dallas - Fort Worth based charitable organization created with the intent to capture and sustain the feeling you have after a successful harvest while enjoying a great time with your fellow enthusiasts. Each event will be hosted by a leader in the outdoor industry to endorse the spirit of conservation we want to preserve in addition to a wild game culinary expert to honor the animal in a rich environment celebrating the next generation. Our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established with the intent to educate current and upcoming outdoor enthusiasts, and bring personal and financial support to various conservation efforts (specifically non-profits that have an outstanding cause and shared vision with a need for our assistance) enhancing our planet for tomorrow.


to preserve the positive spirit that drives us throughout our pursuits in the great outdoors and encourage new and existing enthusiasts throughout our journey.


In addition to educating new and future outdoor enthusiasts through events that provide fellowship we are committed to contributing 15% of donations to charitable organizations that improve humanity, wildlife and the outdoors as a whole. The charitable organizations that receive donations will be decided by the Advisory Council of the Fellowship of the Outdoors on a quarterly basis based on the alignment of the values of the prospective charitable organizations. If you are interested in being considered as a charity that Fellowship of the Outdoors will donate toward please contact us at info@fellowshipoftheoutdoors.com.

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