Andy Sedino is the owner of Meat U Anywhere Barbecue, and one of the most well-known barbecue artisans in the Lone Star State. Andy’s roots are in San Angelo, Texas where he acquired his rich background in the culinary arts, cooking delicious meals over a wood-fired grill with his mother. His family’s Mexican and third generation West Texas heritage deeply enriched his palate, bringing a unique style and character to his dishes and eventually leading him to his career as a culinary arts specialist.

As the years progressed, Andy served as a managing partner and the Director of Operations for North Texas' own Rudy’s Barbecue, where he worked for over a decade. After parting ways with Rudy’s, Andy started his own barbecue and catering company, Meat U Anywhere Barbecue, which has received numerous accolades over the years, and is showcased throughout numerous media outlets including appearances on Fox Sports.

Andy has gained a cult-like following throughout the state for his unique, personally-crafted menu items he serves at his catered events, and most intriguing of which are his mouth-watering wild game dishes. Elk, bison, venison, quail, pheasant, and numerous other intriguing delicacies make frequent appearances at Andy's events including Wild Game & Whiskey, a well known private group in Southlake, Texas. Andy's talents continue to enhance the ambiance of his events, and his most recent addition is the Meat U Anywhere: MEATERTAINMENT TRAILER, a custom-built, barbecue trailer is no exception. This tailgating behemoth features numerous smoking devices, entertainment consoles, and is designed to create the best barbecue experience in Texas. Suffice it to say: Andy is a rock-star chef, a master of his craft, and a wizard with wild game.

It is with great pleasure that Fellowship of the Outdoors is partnering with Andy Sedino and Meat U Anywhere Barbecue to share the riches that our great outdoor pursuits have to offer. To learn more about Andy and the services he offers please visit his Instagram page: @MeatUAnywhereBBQ or his website: www.meatuanywhere.com. Andy will be providing catering services and speaking at each of the events Fellowship of the Outdoors offers.