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Fellowship of the Outdoors


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The 2025 Gold Sponsorship includes six community events hosted in 2025 by leaders of the outdoors (celebrities if you will) with 50-100 Fellowship of the Outdoors members in attendance (amount of events may vary based on when you sign up) in addition to your access to the exclusive 2025 Celebration of the Outdoors Event.


Each community event will be hosted at an outdoor influenced venue with the leader from the outdoors speaking for approximately one hour and the opportunity to connect with members of our group after the presentation (check the 'Upcoming Events' page to see time and location of future events). Every community event will have food and drink provided, and your contributions will bring financial and intrinsic value to biologically and and ecologically focused non-profits that align with the vision of Fellowship of the Outdoors (improving our planet and its inhabitants for the next generation).


The 2025 Celebration of the Outdoors Event will take place on February 26th, 2025 at 5:30 PM at Arlington Hall off of Turtle Creek Boulevard in Dallas, Texas and will include a prominent speaker (Chris Fowler of ESPN), a live auction and a raffle with the cause of raising money for conservation. The Event will include an upscale dinner with a recommended dress of business casual.


The 2025 Gold Sponsorship will include:

Community Event Benefits: (1) Your company's logo being shown on the screen throughout the entirety of the event and (2) Your ability to speak for approximately three minutes in front of the audience at one of the events throughout the year and (3) attendance for you and a guest at each event of the 2025 calendar year.

Celebration of the Outdoors Event Benefits: (1) One table of ten attendees and five individual tickets and (2) your logo being shown throughout throughout the event.

Please let us know if you have any questions using our email address (, and we will be here to help. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm! We are excited to see you!


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Obligations of Membership:


Obligations of Membership are stated in this agreement in full detail with an expectation for changes being made on an ongoing basis knowing the consistent growth of the organization, its members and the outdoor industry in general. For purposes of this agreement Fellowship of the Outdoors, Inc. headquartered in Dallas, Texas will be referred to as “FOTO” and the members of Fellowship of the Outdoors, Inc. will be referred to as “Member.”

All purchases are final. Refunds are only available with approval by a Member of the Board of Directors of FOTO.

Membership of FOTO is a privilege, and it is an expectation of not only the Board of Directors but also the membership of FOTO, our sponsors, the venues that host our events, the speakers, and all parties involved that we abide by the following rules and regulations. If any of these rules and regulations are not abided by or if by majority vote the Board of Directors of FOTO chooses to terminate someone’s membership the Board of Directors of FOTO retains that right to do so at any time. Below are the expectations of membership:

  • Payment/Membership dues must be received prior to Member’s attendance at any event.
  • Payment/Membership dues do not entitle Member to a specific, certain number of events; rather, Membership gives Member access and the ability to attend all FOTO events in a given calendar year. If Member chooses not to attend one or more events, that is at their discretion and does not entitle the Member to a full or partial refund.
  • FOTO is not responsible for sending receipts or documentation to Member. FOTO is responsible for keeping track of whether Member are paid in full and their current Membership status.
  • All Members of FOTO and their guests must be over the age of 21. FOTO is not responsible for monitoring the consumption of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs of any kind, or illegal substances by Member or its guests.
  • FOTO does not control, and is not responsible for, the conduct of its Members. It is each individual Member’s responsibility to comply with these obligations, to behave in accordance with the rules of the venue where the FOTO events are held, and to abide by the laws of the state of Texas and other states where events affiliated with FOTO are held. Members are fully responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  • By joining FOTO and/or attending a FOTO event, Member and their guest(s) hereby release waive and discharge FOTO, including its officers, agents, employees, managers, independent contractors, parent organizations, subsidiaries, affiliates, speakers, hosts, and hosts’ personnel (“Releasees”) from, and agrees and covenants not to sue Releasees for, any claim, liability, or demand of any kind or on account of any personal injury, temporary or permanent disability, death, illness, exposure to pathogens/disease, property damage, or other damages, whether caused by the negligence of Releasees or otherwise, resulting from, related to, or in any way associated with Member and/or its guest(s)’ participation in any of the activities at a FOTO event or meeting. Further, Member and its guest(s) agree and covenant to indemnify Releasees for, and hold Releasees harmless, from any such claims, liabilities or demands, and from any claims, liabilities or demands that result or arise from Member or its guest(s)’ attendance at or participation in a FOTO event.
  • Member and its guest(s) further HEREBY VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL RISKS of personal injury, including, but not limited to, temporary or permanent disability, death, property damage, illness, exposure to pathogens/disease, economic losses, and/or other damages to Member and/or its guest(s) resulting from or in any way associated with participation in any FOTO event or meeting.
  • Member and its guest(s) acknowledge and agree that this RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT is intended to be, and is, a complete release of any responsibility of Releasees for personal injuries, temporary or permanent disability, death, illness, exposure to pathogens/disease, and/or property loss/damage sustained by Member and its guest(s) while participating in any FOTO event or meeting.
  • Member and its guest(s) hereby grant FOTO, and those acting on FOTO’s behalf, with the authority, permission, and the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use, in any medium, photographs of Member and its guest(s), in whole or in part, without restrictions as to changes, alterations, or reproductions.
  • Venue for any dispute between Member, its guest(s), and Releasees will be Dallas, Texas and Texas law will apply.
  • In no event and under no circumstances will FOTO be liable to Member for more than Member has paid FOTO in dues or other Membership fees.

By joining FOTO and/or participating in a FOTO event, Member confirms that it has read and understands these obligations, which include a RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, and that it acknowledges and agrees to their terms.